About My Art

painting-SHello! My name is Heather, and I’m a 32-year-old programmer-turned-artist living in Erie, PA. I hope my paintings make you smile. I like to tell stories with my artwork – stories about friendship, silliness, love, peacefulness, family, and togetherness. It’s too easy to get caught up in the negative parts of life. My hope is that my paintings are a reminder of all that is special and magical in the world – the things that really bring us true happiness.

To portray these wonderful parts of life, I like to use happy, vibrant colors. My subject matter is friendly forest critters, who all help and support each other.

What I Do

In addition to painting acrylic artwork on canvas, I also teach painting classes at Claytopia in Erie, I do freelance illustration work, and I sell my work at local art festivals around the area. I’m available for many different art-related projects & services:

See my Art Resume or contact me if you are interested in hiring me for a project. :)

My Story

me-daddy-nana-croppedBack in August of 2010, my dad passed away. He left many things behind in this world, including his dream of retiring and spending time on woodworking, his creative passion. It was then that I realized that life is just too short – and we only live once – and I needed to do what I am most passionate about.

I started painting, and I realized that I wanted the vibrant life of my paintings to bring joy to others. I opened up my etsy shop, and it’s all been a great life adventure from there.

Since then, I’ve illustrated a children’s book, written & illustrated my own coloring book, quit my programming job to focus on my art, moved to Erie, PA to live near my family, and sold lots of art to many people all over the world! I’ve had the amazing opportunity to illustrate a mural for the children’s center of the Erie Zoo, and to illustrate EcoBuddies, a children’s recycling program by Funding Factory.

Currently you can find my art at various local shops around Erie, and you can take my canvas painting classes at Claytopia. I also participate in many of the art shows in Erie.