Erie Summer Festival of the Arts

This past weekend was the Erie Summer Festival of the Arts! It was fantastic! This was my first big art festival. It was so great to hear feedback on my paintings first-hand, and it was so inspiring when people really gushed over my stuff!

I sold so many more paintings than I had expected to. I sold over half of the paintings I brought, as well as some coloring books, greeting cards, and bookmarks. And now I’m just super excited for the next art festival, whenever that will be!

Here is a photo of some of the paintings that I brought to the festival. Most of these ones sold!

I even got a small custom painting order! She wanted a small 5″x5″ canvas block, similar to my other pink paintings with birds:

Here is how it turned out:

I really love the way it turned out!! It makes me want to do more like it! And it inspires me with more ideas. I am really starting to like these canvas blocks. They’re cool because they stand up all by themselves. I’m going to make some more and I’ll post pics when I get some done. :)

12 thoughts on “Erie Summer Festival of the Arts

  1. Congratulations on a successful show! I agree that the square birds canvas turned out beautiful. I love canvas blocks because they can go right up on the wall and add lots of colorful depth. I can’t wait to see more in your lovely shop!

    Thanks for stopping by Etsy Tots :)


  2. Congratulations on your show success Heather…that is really wonderful.

    I love that gallery canvas and it is all I ever paint on. I’m so sick of frames or worrying about what people will or will not like. Gallery canvas is so easy, cause you finish off the sides and it is ready to hang, regardless of what style a cusomer likes or has in their home etc.

    Happy for your success.


  3. No wonder you sold so much! Your painting are so pretty, bright, and cheery. Doesn’t an experience like that make you want to push even harder because you know that you have it in you? Great job!

  4. Congrats on your success! :-) Your group pic of your paintings is super fun – love the color! I am feeling antsy to get back into doing more shows anyway, and hearing about your great day makes the bug even stronger. Thanks for the boost.

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