Postal Fruit!


I was listening to Craftcast, a crafty podcast, last week while working on an illustration project. Allison Arden, the girl being interviewed, mentioned that she was able to mail an orange via USPS – with no packaging at all. I couldn’t believe it. So I had to try it out for myself!

So, I Sharpied-up an apple with my mom’s name and address, and I stuck 3 stamps on it, because according to the girl on the blogcast, it only took 3 stamps. On the other side, I wrote “have a nice day!” and drew flowers, hearts, etc!

Well today, 3 days later, my mom told me that she got my apple! She said, “It had no return address on it, but I thought, ‘Only Heather could have sent this!'” (I guess that’s a reference to my silliness :-P)

However, she did say that it had a “postage owed” stamp on it – she had to pay $1.71! So apparently the full cost would be $3.06. So next time I will buy some dollar stamps :)


I am very excited and can’t wait to send some happy day apples to my niece, nephews, siblings, and friends! What a fun surprise to get in the mail! :)

So here’s a quick summary on how to mail your OWN “have a nice day” apple :)

  • Using a Sharpie marker,  write the name and address
  • Affix stamps right onto the apple – around $3 worth (if it’s not enough, the recipient will be asked to pay it)
  • Draw something cute on the other side
  • Drop it in the post office box (I dropped it into the one right inside of USPS)
  • Note: According to Allison Arden, it is “at your own risk” – if the fruit rots or is otherwise a nuisance, they can throw it away
  • Note: You can also try this with oranges and baby pumpkins (Halloween surprise!)

10 thoughts on “Postal Fruit!

  1. That’s so cool! I have a friend who lives in Norway now and she did this blog post about all the things that you can actually mail. It was such an eye opener! I had no idea!

    Do you know you can mail balls too? — for those nieces and nephews. No packaging required!

    • Oh wow! Didn’t know that about the balls! That’s awesome!! I’ll have to try to Google around for your friend’s post!!

  2. Cute! This reminds me of a project I had while studying graphic design, we were assigned to send something different through the mail, and someone sucessfully sent a pineapple.

  3. Ha! I love this. My sister just moved, and I think an apple in the mail might be exactly what she needs right about now!

    What podcast were you listening to? I’m always on the lookout for good stuff to listen to while I’m working.

  4. If your going to mail edible things like fruit I was thinkingaybe an orange then u could peel and eat instead of wasting it??

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