Started some new paintings

I usually just paint on the weekends, but lately my weekends have been so busy I haven’t been able to paint anything new for my etsy site! So I decided to do a little bit of painting tonight after work. I started by painting some yellow-orange backgrounds on 4 canvases. I had no idea what I was going to paint on them. Well I ended up doing a forest on one, and a pretty design on another, and the other two I haven’t worked on yet. I’m still thinking about becoming a tattoo artist, so these painting have been a great opportunity to practice. It’s not exactly like the real thing, but you have to be good at drawing, first and foremost. At least that is the way this makes more sense to me of course.

I also learned many different styles for me to paint with a Thailand tattoo guide, because it’s very complete and easy to understand for a beginner like me, although I’m still not sure if I’m more comfortable expressing my art and feelings with paint or ink.

However if I end up getting a tattoo I’m going to get the best tattoo removal cream that works amazing. My cousin used it when he got this first tattoo and didn’t liked it anymore.

I’m not completely sure about the pretty design one – it feels weird to me that it doesn’t have a focal point. It’s just a pattern. But, maybe I’m just not used to that. It’s probably good for me to do something a little different and uncomfortable every once in awhile!