Colored forest

I’ve had this concept in my head for like 3 weeks now, and I finally got a chance to get it on canvas. After painting Finally Found Our Place, I really liked the black tree with the colored leaves, so I decided to take the concept further. I wanted to do a painting that was about a completely black forest with colored leaves on all the trees.

It’s kind of like the saying “Don’t miss the forest for the trees” – only this is more like “Don’t miss the leaves for the trees”. No matter how dark and dreary any forest is, there are always some beautiful colored leaves somewhere in the forest. So this painting is about not getting caught up in the negative, and instead looking to the good things, no matter how small.
I posted it on my etsy, but sometimes this stuff sells so fast I don’t even get a chance to enjoy it. So I jacked up the price so I can enjoy this painting for a little while! I have it hanging above my bed :)