Super Mario Bros. Birthday!

My nephew’s Super Mario Bros. birthday party turned out great! Luckily my sister gave me a ton of creative freedom to do basically whatever I wanted. So, I made the cake (my first fondant cake EVER) and I designed the party favors (candy bars)! It was SO much fun, especially because I LOVE Super Mario Bros.!

The cake was such a hit. We had the party at Monkey Joe’s (one of those places with big blow-up jungle gyms for kids to climb around on) and there were even people from OTHER parties coming in to ours to check out the cake!

I had so much fun making the party favors too. My sister and I were looking around for party favors and we realized that they are so expensive! She saw some Mario candy bar wrappers for sale on Ebay, and I was like “I can do SO much better than that!” and of course immediately my head was racing with ideas. The final products were amazing. I had so much fun with them!

And the painting turned out pretty cool too. My sister already hung it up in my nephew’s room. The whole time I was visiting, whenever we were in his room, he’d look at the painting and get distracted and be like “Look, there’s goomba!” or “There’s the spikey guy. I wonder what he’s doing?” It was so cute!