Cross stitch tip: How to cross stitch faster

I learned a new tip from my Nana – a way to cross stitch faster!

Usually, I cross stitch like this:

Push needle through from front…

Push needle through from back…
Well, you can actually do it all in one step! Here’s the trick that Nana taught me:
You never even have to mess with the back!
However, take note that the stitches actually end up to be not as tight as when you do it the long way… but, maybe it’s possible to work on that and still have nice, tight stitches.
And now, I’d like to just share some of my favorite work by my Nana! Here are a few things she has hanging around her house:

She has this hanging in the little shed that leads into her house

This is in her living room. As you can see, she also made quilts a lot!

This one is awesome! It’s the whole length of her couch! This is Rainbow Row.

A cute little house… hanging in her bedroom.