Gift from Nana

My Nana has always been obsessed with cross stitching. She was always cross stitching every chance she got. She even taught me how to cross stitch. She hasn’t cross stitched in about a year now though – I guess she is finally done.

I just came to my Nana’s to stay for a week for my birthday. Before I came, I was talking to her on the phone and telling her there were a few colors of thread I couldn’t find for the cross stitch I’m working on. She was like “I have a lot of thread here – I might have the colors you need.” I just thought “She probably doesn’t have it, but I’ll look anyways.”

Then when I got to my Nana’s she showed me her collection. Holy COW! She has basically every color ever known to mankind. It was insane! And even better, she handed them down to me! So now they are mine!! She is definitely the sweetest grandmother that ever lived!

Above: This is every color of thread known to mankind.
Needless to say, I found the colors I needed :)