Macy’s painting – in progress

My niece, Macy, is going to be born soon! I’m working on some paintings for her room. My sister / her mom wanted some jungle animals on an animal print background. I got the backgrounds done so far – wow, they took me like over 3 hours to do!

I got stencils for the backgrounds, but the stencils were really small. If I only used the stencils, then I would have had major repeating and it would have look too contrived. So, I did portions of it with the stencil, and then I filled in the rest with shapes that I painted by hand. Hopefully it looks “random” enough!

Here’s an example:

Before (You can see the columns of animal print. Actually I had already started filling in the left side, which you can see is all filled in. But the rest is just columns of animal print)…

After (I filed in the rest of the print by hand):
And here are all 3 of the finished backgrounds (the swatches on the left are the fabric swatches for the bedding, and the paint color for the room):

Now I just have to paint the animals on! I might do 3 monkeys, or a monkey and two other kinds of animals.