More birdies!

I just can’t get enough of birds :)

I finished two new paintings tonight. For these two, I decided to get some inspiration from some previous paintings I had created.

The first one is inspired by a painting that I made awhile back, but sold just recently, called Best Friends. It’s a white silhouette of two birds in a storm. The painting I made tonight is the two best friends, but it’s right before the storm. The sky looks strange colors, and they know a storm is coming. So, they’re sticking together, because they know that as long as they’re together, they’ll be safe.

I was going to do them as white silhouettes like with the first painting, but as I started painting the outlines, I thought the outlines actually looked pretty cool! So I decided to just keep it like that instead!
The second painting is inspired by one I created recently and it sold within like a day of posting it. It’s also my favorite painting of all the paintings I’ve had on my Etsy site. It’s called Finally Found Our Place. Although I was thrilled that it sold so quickly, it was also my favorite so I miss it. So I decided to create another one very similar, and here it is.