A furry friendship

I got this idea in my head of a bunch of woodland creatures standing on top of each other in the forest. I came home from work, ate some dinner, and then started painting at 7pm. I painted non-stop until 12:30am and this is the result. Four woodland creature friends – a red fox, a blue owl, a grey bunny, and a brown squirrel – all standing on top of each other to make a tower.

These creatures have such a strong friendship. They stand on each other and they lift each other up. They are always there for each other. And if one of them loses balance, the others will compensate. It’s pretty much the best friendship ever :D

Can’t wait until this weekend, when I can take some better pictures outside in the sunlight, and then post this on etsy! I hope it ends up in a kids room – I think it would be sooo cute there.