My portfolio

I started working on a portfolio – a real tangible portfolio (as opposed to an online portfolio) so that I can bring it with me if I want to try to get my art in stores, coffee shops, etc.

I got an album, photo corners, and colored paper from the scrapbooking section in Michael’s, and I got photographs of my paintings printed at Walgreen’s. They didn’t have any super interesting albums, so I got plain black. I went with 8 1/2 x 11″, because the bigger ones just seemed too big, and the smaller ones seemed too small.

I designed an 8×10 cover page, which is shown on the right, and on the left side you can see a little pocket I made for my business cards. (These business cards are little and square – I got them from Jak Prints)

Here’s a close-up of my business card pocket. I cut a square out of scrapbooking paper, and I cut a slightly larger square out of an extra clear album page that I had. Then I sewed the two together (I do not trust glue with smooth plastic) and I glued and taped the final pocket to the inside cover of the book.

Here are some sample inside pages:

By the way – I think using the photo corners is a really good idea, because I found that sometimes the picture I had wouldn’t be cropped right, but I would be like “I can just put this in now, and swap it out later when I get a better version of the picture”. So I highly recommend photo corners. :D