Preparing for my paintings at Willow Glen Coffee

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but that’s because I’ve been so busy! I got booked for the month of October, to have my paintings up in Willow Glen Coffee Roasting Company in San Jose!

The coffee shop is so cute. It’s very eclectic and colorful. Each chair is painted with a different design, and even the walls are different colors!

They promote a different artist each month. My month will be October! I’ll have my paintings up all month! In addition to having my paintings up, I’ll also be selling bookmarks and cards that I’ll have printed from my paintings.

So, I’ve been working hard on getting enough paintings made (I’m thinking like 30) so I haven’t posted much on my etsy site because I’m saving most of them for the coffee shop. And I’ve also been getting cards and bookmarks made! Despite the reviews I’ve read online, I’ve actually gotten great results from Overnight Prints so far, for my cards and bookmarks. Since they have such great prices, I’ll stick with them unless they start messing up my orders. :-P

Above: So far, I’ve made a card and two bookmarks. They came out great so I’m now working on more designs!
Above: My two bookmark designs, including front and back.
Above: My card design, front and back. The card is blank inside.

I’ll give more updates as I make more stuff! So excited for my first ever participation in any kind of art showing!