Snail Mail My Email project

I am so excited to be a volunteer for Snail Mail My Email! Snail Mail My Email is a month-long art project, where users can write a message to a friend, email it to Snail Mail My Email, and a volunteer will hand-write the letter and send it out! I’ve been having so much fun creating the letters. Sometimes users ask for a particular drawing, and sometimes they don’t ask and I just come up with something. And sometimes they ask for a flower petal to be included, too :)

Below are some of the letters I’ve created!

This one was so much fun – I decided to draw a dad and daughter owl, since the letter is from a dad to his daughter.
Sometimes when I can’t think of what to draw, I have to search the letter for inspiration. With this one, it was the fact that she called her husband “hunny” – so I made a whole bee/honey theme!
This one was interesting! The sender is supposed to choose between a drawing, flower petal, or lipstick kiss… This person wrote for me to include “anything origami”… I don’t know origami! But I figured, now’s the perfect time to learn :) And so I learned how to make a crane.
I had no idea what to draw for this one, so I just drew some woodland creatures. :)
So many of these are love letters! I’ve drawn like a kazillion hearts by now :-P
Hope you enjoyed my drawings! If you want to send a letter to someone, you still have 5 days left! The project will run until the 15th.