Calico kitty cat Halloween costume

We had an early Halloween party at work this year, and I decided to dress as a calico cat, inspired by my kitty Debay which I had until she was 19 years old. She was my best friend.



It actually ended up being much easier than I thought it would be! I got brown, tan, black, and white fur from JoAnn’s (1 yard of each, though I hardly ended up using that much at all). I made arm and leg warmers, one of each color.
I had never made arm or leg warmers before! I was worried they wouldn’t be the right size, would slip down, etc. I got some pretty wide elastic which I first sewed to the top of the fabric. Then I folded over the end with the elastic, so that you couldn’t see the thread through the fabric. Then I just folded the whole thing in half and sewed along the seam. I thought it would end up sloppy because I didn’t do any proper measuring, just basically eyeballed everything, but somehow they all turned out perfect!
For the skirt, I did it even more sloppy than the arm and leg warmers, but it also ended up looking really good somehow! I basically just patchworked all the different colored furs together to make a big rectangle. Then I wrapped it around me to estimate the width. Then I cut the skirt to the correct width, and sewed velcro along the seam so I could get the skirt on and off. Then I put the skirt on, trimmed up the bottom, and I was done! I was amazed at how great it turned out.
For my face I just got a kitty cat face painting kit at the Halloween store and went crazy. It was super fun. I found that painting on my face is waaaay harder than painting on fabric since skin is so loose, whenever you paint or draw on it, it moves all over the place!
I also painted my nails calico! As you can see in the picture, they are tan, black, and white. Leaving your cats alone on halloween night? read more to know how to keep an eye on them even when you are gone.