My Art Show – Pics!

Just got back from my art show – it was really fun! I had a pretty steady stream of visitors (thank you to everyone who came!) and I even made some new friends!

Here are some pictures of a few of the people who dropped by. I wish I got pictures of all my visitors – it was hard to remember to take pictures the whole time!

My neighbor, Katherine, and her husband and his parents

My friend Pam

Dominion friends

When I got there, the barista told me that the bookmarks and cards have been selling! That was so exciting for me!

I also got an order for a couple custom paintings for a little girl’s room. That should be fun :) And my business cards went really fast – I have to bring more back to the coffee shop!

My friend Fiona bought one of my paintings (one of my favorites actually). It is called “Curious” and it’s a curious little tree.

And lastly, here’s a picture of me with a few of my paintings.

…and now I’m off to illustrate my children’s book! The fun never ends :)