Treasure Hunt Children’s Book – Cover art and website

I mentioned in my previous posts that I was super busy illustrating this children’s book – well, I finally finished! All the files are in the publisher’s hands now, and we’re just waiting for the book to get printed.

The last piece of art I completed for the book is the cover art. I didn’t know what to do for the cover art, so I asked my mom and the author for ideas, and they both came up with the same idea! To show the whole enchanted forest, with a path leading to the treasure chest, since the whole theme of the story is a treasure hunt in the enchanted forest (the full title is “Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest (The Search for Good Money).

The two owls are the main characters in the story. In the cover illustration, they are each holding a wing out, ushering the reader into the enchanted forest. There are coins on the path that lead to the treasure chest. I also included some of the other animal characters peaking out from the trees.

Another thing I finished recently is the website for the book. We were actually going to contract it out to someone else, but since I was finished with the illustrations, but my imagination was not yet finished running wild, I decided to create the website too. Here’s a screenshot of the homepage of the site:

I had so much fun with the website! I made a Meet the Characters page, where you can click on a character and it will show a scene from the book with the character in it, and some text about the character. There’s also some coloring pages, and a Make Your Own Matrix page (where kids can fill in things that they think could be money, and rate them based on the 5 qualities of money).
I have a ton of other ideas for the website, but one thing at a time :)
By the way, if you’re as excited about the book as I am, you can subscribe to the book’s Facebook page for updates!