Art update

With all the holiday bustle I haven’t had a chance to post any updates, but I have lots to share! Here’s what has happened since my last post…

I designed a coloring book, bookmarks, and the Amazon Webstore for Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest, the book I illustrated.

The bookmarks are coin-themed. Each bookmark design features a different kind of special coin (like the War Nickel) along with a character from the book, and facts about the coin on the back of the bookmark.
Inside the book, there’s a different activity on each page, and the children can apply what they’ve learned from reading the book.
Designing the Amazon Webstore was an interesting learning experience! The Amazon Webstore editing interface definitely took some getting used to, but I was glad I could upload my own CSS files :)

Also, recently I participated in my first ever craft fair – the holiday gift fair at work. It was so much fun setting up my booth and I met lots of new people!

Here is a picture of my booth. I had little easels with small paintings on them, and the rest of my paintings in a box in front of the booth. I also had packs of cards and my bookmarks, and a copy of the book I illustrated. The greeting cards are what sold the most! They went so fast. I already have plans for a new set of greeting cards, so I’m already excited for the next craft fair, whenever that may be!