My Artomat Submission

I’m submitting my artwork to Artomat! They take old cigarette vending machines and turn them into art vending machines. There are over 90 machines in existence today! (Find one near you!)

In order to get your art into Artomat, you have to submit a prototype to get their approval. I just finished making my prototype which I am going to send to them today.

Each piece of artwork is 3″x2″. So, I used a 3″x2″ mini canvas to make a miniature painting. It’s similar to my Sleepy Fox painting.

On the Artomat website, they recommend putting some info about yourself with the painting, so after wrapping the painting in foam wrap for protection, I taped an “About the Artist” card on the top (along with a little thank you note to the buyer).

Then I put the whole thing in a 2″x3″ box made just for the Artomat machines.

Then, I put a hand-drawn cover on the front (although in the end I may end up printing something pretty)…

and a business card on the back. (The front of my business card is like a painting, the back is my contact info)

They also ask that applicants submit a little 2″x2″ place card for the machine, so here’s the one I designed:

And that’s all! So I send it out today, and then I wait and see what happens! Hopefully they will accept it, and if so, then I send them 50 more (each original hand made art, and each different!) and they sell them for $5 each and give me $2.50 for each one sold.