Painting on canvas classes at Claytopia

I have some exciting news – I’m going to be teaching painting on canvas classes at Claytopia in Erie, PA!

Shortly after I moved here, I met Gretchen from Claytopia. She invited me to teach painting on canvas classes there. I did a practice class last Friday, and it went really great!

The classes will be standalone (not in a series) and each class will focus on painting a particular painting step-by-step.

For the practice class, I did a painting of owls on a branch.

Here I am showing how to paint the branch in a wavy line.

And here, I am describing how to paint the shapes of the owls (my special trick!).

Here are the students hard at work painting their backgrounds :)

My Aunt Stacy and my cousin Jake came too!

Here I am with all the students holding their paintings!

I think they all turned out great, and they were each very different and unique!

My next steps will be planning out the painting classes – I have a lot of ideas! Pajama night, girls night, boys night (dragon painting?), and storytime + painting with kids. After I plan the classes I want to teach, they want a month to advertise it before I actually hold the class. The first class I do will probably be the same as the practice class though, since it is something I’m already familiar with. I will post updates as more stuff happens with this!