Fall Painting Classes

My first round of painting classes (July/August) turned out really well! I’ve had such a fun time teaching and I love getting new ideas from my students. For the new season, I came up with some ideas for fall-themed paintings – and I’ll also be re-teaching a couple of the popular ones.

For the fall, I’m planning on doing a Fall Leaves painting. The background is teal, and it has birch trees and fall leaves. This is actually going to be part of a series – for Winter, I’ll do a birch trees with snow painting; for Spring, maybe I’ll have flowers, or birds…

I also have a few Halloween paintings planned. A black cat on a pumpkin, a crow, and a black cat on the moon!

I also have a few non-seasonal paintings. The owls on a branch & cupcake paintings are the most popular ones, so I’ll be re-teaching those ones. I also came up with 2 new owl paintings – an owl on the moon, and a little owl (on a small 4×4 canvas)!

Classes start Sept 19th – the schedule is posted on my website under Painting Classes, and anyone can sign up online at the Claytopia website on the Canvas Class Schedule page. Looking forward to a fun Fall season of painting!