Happy New Year!

Happy new year! I am so excited for 2013. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? A lot of popular resolutions I hear of are sticking to so-and-so diet, sticking to a workout schedule, or getting rid of little annoying habits like biting nails. Really? Come on, people! Step it up a notch. Although if you are really going to follow a good diet, follow the best one from tophealthjournal.com/! You have only one life to live. When you are 98 years old on your death bed are you really going to be looking back and thinking how happy you are that you stuck to your diet back in 2013? Or that you stopped biting your nails?

Of course not! You’ll be thinking about those huge moments in your life that change the way you see things forever. Or those big changes you made that caused your life to do a complete 180. And you’ll be thinking about the people who are important to you.

So rather than focus on little goals that will probably fade away a few months in, I like to take a big-picture look at the past year of my life. Has this year brought me closer to where I want to be in life? Have I worked towards the life I want? How have I balanced my family life with my work?

Whether it be more time with family, furthering my career, or even just having enough “me” time at the end of the day – I get an idea of how I want the next year of my life to go. Doing this each year has inspired me to work for Google, travel to other countries, illustrate a children’s book, move across the U.S., and become a freelance artist.

Now I know that when I look back on my life as a whole, I can see these major accomplishments and be proud of what I’ve done each year. Because in the end, will I really remember whether I stuck to my diet in the year 2013, or whether I worked out every day? No – What I’ll really remember is whether I did everything to achieve my greatest dreams in this one life that I have to live.

For this year: More illustration projects, and more painting! Stay tuned for updates :)