My Paintings in Artomat Machines!


Last year, I sent 50 tiny paintings to Artomat. In case you’ve never heard of Artomat, they convert old cigarette machines into art vending machines! There are over 100 machines all over the world.

I recently got my report which lists all of the artomat locations that host my paintings! I didn’t realize there would be so many! My art is in PA, NE, NC, SC, MN, and FL! So if you happen to live near one of these places, you can check out my work! In fact, I’d love a photo of the machine with my placecard in it :) Here are the locations:

I even have a special artist page on the Artomat website!

As you can see, this series is called Forest Friends. Here are some closeups of some of the paintings (click for a larger view):



Note: If you’re interested in becoming an artomat artist, all of the details are on the Artomat Guidelines page on the Artomat website. :)