Celebrate Erie – Glass Growers Gallery Artist Demo

This past weekend I had the amazing opportunity to be the demonstrating artist for Glass Growers Gallery in Erie, PA during Celebrate Erie! If you’re not familiar with Celebrate Erie, it’s a festival that happens every year in downtown Erie. There’s live music, great food, and artists draw amazing pictures all along State Street – it’s called the “Chalk Walk.”

Below is my friend Caitlin painting Chalk Art for Claytopia (the place I teach my painting classes).

Claytopia Erie's Chalk Walk art

Glass Growers Gallery is a super cute, eclectic art gallery on 5th and State. I brought my art there recently, and was asked to be their demonstrating artist. I’m used to painting in front of people because I teach painting classes, but I’ve never just done it as a “demo”!

Glass Growers Gallery

I decided to do a big, 24″x36″ painting that would be based off of the last page of my coloring book. The page says “Friends of the forest keep each other warm” and has a bear curled up around a fox, curled up around a mouse.

Forest Friends Coloring Book Page - bear, fox, mouse

I was super excited about painting during the event, but I didn’t realize just what a great experience it would be! I usually paint in my art studio in my house – I don’t usually paint outdoors. It was so different. First of all, I must say, SUN = great lighting :) It was so warm and beautiful outside.

Painting at Glass Growers Gallery for Celebrate Erie

And there was live music outside, people passing by chit-chatting, and I loved it when people stopped and sat there and watched me paint! It was such a great feeling.

Artist Demo at Glass Growers

It’s amazing how big a difference changing your environment can be. I’m thinking I should start painting on my front porch – at least I can feel some good sun that way!

Here are some close-ups of my finished product :)

DSC05537-S DSC05540-S