Black Mirror

If you want to watch Black Mirror, don’t start with the first episode! It’s not a good representation of what the other episodes are like, and it might prematurely turn you off of the series. Here are the ones you should watch, in the order that you should watch them.

  1. S03 E04 – San Junipero
  2. S01 E03 – The Entire History of You
  3. S04 E04 – Hang the DJ
  4. S04 E02 – Arkangel
  5. S03 E01 – Nosedive
  6. S02 E01 – Be Right Back
  7. S04 E01 – USS Callister
  8. S03 E05 – Men Against Fire
  9. S02 E03 – The Waldo Moment
  10. S03 E03 – Shut Up and Dance
  11. S03 E06 – Hated in the Nation