Festival of Trees in Erie, PA – My tree!

I found out about the St Vincent Festival of Trees from my friends at Claytopia, the pottery studio where I teach my painting on canvas classes. Gretchen (the owner) mentioned that Claytopia was going to have their very own tree with painted pottery pieces all over it! Immediately I had visions of a tree covered […]

Fall Painting Classes

My first round of painting classes (July/August) turned out really well! I’ve had such a fun time teaching and I love getting new ideas from my students. For the new season, I came up with some ideas for fall-themed paintings – and I’ll also be re-teaching a couple of the popular ones. For the fall, […]

Erie Summer Festival of the Arts

This past weekend was the Erie Summer Festival of the Arts! It was fantastic! This was my first big art festival. It was so great to hear feedback on my paintings first-hand, and it was so inspiring when people really gushed over my stuff! I sold so many more paintings than I had expected to. […]

Painting on canvas classes at Claytopia

I have some exciting news – I’m going to be teaching painting on canvas classes at Claytopia in Erie, PA! Shortly after I moved here, I met Gretchen from Claytopia. She invited me to teach painting on canvas classes there. I did a practice class last Friday, and it went really great! The classes will […]

My 30th Birthday!

Today is my 30th birthday! Wow, what a year it has been. So much has happened this past year! I illustrated my first children’s book! I participated in my first art festival (a small one :)). I traveled to Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland with friends. I adopted a sweet lovey-dovey 12 year old cat named […]

My Artomat Submission

I’m submitting my artwork to Artomat! They take old cigarette vending machines and turn them into art vending machines. There are over 90 machines in existence today! (Find one near you!) In order to get your art into Artomat, you have to submit a prototype to get their approval. I just finished making my prototype […]

Art & Family

A year and a half ago, my dad passed away. Since then, I have realized that life is just too short to put off doing what you love (I always get sad when I remember that my dad never ended up retiring and doing woodwork), and that life is constantly changing. I’ve also learned the […]

Art update

With all the holiday bustle I haven’t had a chance to post any updates, but I have lots to share! Here’s what has happened since my last post… I designed a coloring book, bookmarks, and the Amazon Webstore for Treasure Hunt in the Enchanted Forest, the book I illustrated. The bookmarks are coin-themed. Each bookmark […]