Fan art

I got an email today about some fan art! Awhile back I sold this painting: The buyer just emailed me and told me his daughter created some art based on my painting! So adorable!! And so exciting that I am inspiring little artists :)

My Art Show – Pics!

Just got back from my art show – it was really fun! I had a pretty steady stream of visitors (thank you to everyone who came!) and I even made some new friends! Here are some pictures of a few of the people who dropped by. I wish I got pictures of all my visitors […]

Children’s book sneak peek!

As you might already know, I’ve been illustrating a children’s book which is why I’ve been so insanely busy lately. The book is about some owls in an enchanted forest, and it teaches kids about money. I’ve been really pleased with my illustrations lately and wanted to share a sneak peek! I can’t really post […]

Card and bookmark display

Only a month until my art goes up in Willow Glen Coffee Shop! In addition to having my paintings up, I’ll also be selling cards and bookmarks that I’ve made from my paintings. I was trying to think of a creative way to display the items available, and I thought of making a painting of […]

Snail Mail My Email project

I am so excited to be a volunteer for Snail Mail My Email! Snail Mail My Email is a month-long art project, where users can write a message to a friend, email it to Snail Mail My Email, and a volunteer will hand-write the letter and send it out! I’ve been having so much fun […]

Children’s book illustration

I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted, but I’ve had so much going on lately! I went out of town for three weeks and worked out of Ireland, so I didn’t get any painting done in that time. It’s been so long since I’ve painted! I just got back a couple days ago, and […]

Pin the Tail on the Princess

My friend Tabatha had a princess-themed birthday party for her two twin girls turning 4. Tabatha asked me to draw Ariel from The Little Mermaid on some paper on the wall (really big, like as tall as me) so that we could play Pin the Tail on the Princess! First I drew Ariel in pencil […]

Eiffel Tower custom painting

My friend Karen’s mom, Pam, had a birthday recently. Pam loves the Eiffel Tower and the color blue. Karen suggested that I make a painting similar to my Peaceful Tree painting – a white outlined painting on blue. So I made Pam a 12″x12″ white Eiffel Tower painting with a blue and teal background. I […]