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I learned a new tip from my Nana – a way to cross stitch faster! Usually, I cross stitch like this: Push needle through from front… Push needle through from back… Well, you can actually do it all in one step! Here’s the trick that Nana taught me: You never even have to mess with […]

My Nana has always been obsessed with cross stitching. She was always cross stitching every chance she got. She even taught me how to cross stitch. She hasn’t cross stitched in about a year now though – I guess she is finally done. I just came to my Nana’s to stay for a week for […]

I was so excited today to find out that one of my paintings, Three of a Kind, was featured in a treasury on Etsy! In case you don’t know what a treasury is, it’s a hand-picked list of items (16 items max) that all have something in common. The treasury that my painting was featured in […]

I’m leaving tomorrow to travel to my Nana’s (grandmother’s) house in Erie, PA for a week to celebrate my birthday! It’s always very relaxed there (we basically read, eat, watch tv, drink coffee, and just relax all day) so I’m planning on getting a lot of my current cross stitch – “Peace” by Birds of […]

I made this baby elephant painting / mixed media tonight! I love how the colors turned out. I was worried about the blue, that it wouldn’t go with the pink, but then I added a little yellow to it (to make it more of a turquoise than just blue) and I think it came out […]

I did some experimenting this weekend! I decided to try something different. I combined two things I love – painting and needlework. I painted the sky and main branch, and I hand-sewed the bird and leaves out of quilting fabric! I hand-sewed the other branches and leaves right onto the canvas with white thread.

My niece, Macy, is going to be born soon! I’m working on some paintings for her room. My sister / her mom wanted some jungle animals on an animal print background. I got the backgrounds done so far – wow, they took me like over 3 hours to do! I got stencils for the backgrounds, […]

I finished another painting – it’s three birds sitting together on a branch. I thought it would be neat to use almost every color of the rainbow. I used red, orange, and yellow for the birds, green for the tree leaves, and blue for the sky.

I just can’t get enough of birds :) I finished two new paintings tonight. For these two, I decided to get some inspiration from some previous paintings I had created. The first one is inspired by a painting that I made awhile back, but sold just recently, called Best Friends. It’s a white silhouette of two birds […]

I’ve had this concept in my head for like 3 weeks now, and I finally got a chance to get it on canvas. After painting Finally Found Our Place, I really liked the black tree with the colored leaves, so I decided to take the concept further. I wanted to do a painting that was […]