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My nephew’s Super Mario Bros. birthday party turned out great! Luckily my sister gave me a ton of creative freedom to do basically whatever I wanted. So, I made the cake (my first fondant cake EVER) and I designed the party favors (candy bars)! It was SO much fun, especially because I LOVE Super Mario […]

I finally finished my Mario painting for my nephew! I just did the final touches today – some coins, Bowser’s head on the castle, the bridge, the pink tree. Here are some pictures! (Above) The final painting (Above) World 1 Featuring Piranha plant, mushrooms, arrow sign, coins, and Goomba. (Above) World 2 and World 3 […]

Awhile back, I sold a painting on my etsy site (actually 3 that go together to make one picture). The painting is of a blue owl in a forest of orange. I got an email today with a picture of my painting in the actual room! It ended up going in a baby’s nursery. So […]

I’ve gotten pretty far on the puppy dog painting. This one is taking quite awhile because I wanted the fur to look like real fur. Well, not completely realistic, but at least have some texture. I think it’s turning out really good! All I have left is the grass and the flowers, and those should […]

Here’s a step by step guide on how to ship a painting. These steps should ensure that your art will remain in perfect condition at its destination no matter how much it gets thrown around :) They’ve worked well for me so far – good luck! Step 1: Wrap the painting in clear plastic wrap. […]

This is the start of my blog about painting. I was always into art growing up, and always chose art as all of my¬†extracurricular¬†classes – drawing, painting, ceramics, etc. But then once I finished school, I didn’t do much art after that. Then back in September I decided I wanted a painting for above my […]