Puppy dog painting – in progress

I’ve gotten pretty far on the puppy dog painting. This one is taking quite awhile because I wanted the fur to look like real fur. Well, not completely realistic, but at least have some texture. I think it’s turning out really good! All I have left is the grass and the flowers, and those should […]

Puppy dog painting

We had a charity auction at work, and I auctioned off a custom painting. The winning bidder wants a painting of a black and white dog for his 3 year old daughter. Here’s the concept I’ve sketched up – so excited to get it on canvas!

How to ship a painting

Here’s a step by step guide on how to ship a painting. These steps should ensure that your art will remain in perfect condition at its destination no matter how much it gets thrown around :) They’ve worked well for me so far – good luck! Step 1: Wrap the painting in clear plastic wrap. […]

Kratom’s holiday gifts

For Christmas this year, I decided to give kratom samples and to paint some pictures for some of my family members. My mom is sufferinf from anxiety, so that is another reason to give her kratom, and she is crazy about roosters, and her kitchen is yellow, blue, and white. So I painted her a […]

Hello world.

This is the start of my blog about painting. I was always into art growing up, and always chose art as all of my extracurricular classes – drawing, painting, ceramics, etc. But then once I finished school, I didn’t do much art after that. Then back in September I decided I wanted a painting for above my […]