My portfolio

I started working on a portfolio – a real tangible portfolio (as opposed to an online portfolio) so that I can bring it with me if I want to try to get my art in stores, coffee shops, etc. I got an album, photo corners, and colored paper from the scrapbooking section in Michael’s, and I […]

Google Chrome nail art

We started a tradition on my team at work – every Thursday is Nail Polish Thursday, and the girls do their nails. One guy on my team, Scott, kindly allowed me to do whatever I wanted to his toenails! So, I painted them Google Chrome themed! I didn’t use any special brush or anything for […]

A furry friendship

I got this idea in my head of a bunch of woodland creatures standing on top of each other in the forest. I came home from work, ate some dinner, and then started painting at 7pm. I painted non-stop until 12:30am and this is the result. Four woodland creature friends – a red fox, a […]

Macy’s elephant

I finished Macy’s elephant tonight! Looking at the picture now, I don’t know if it looks too simple, like if I should add some stuff… but I will ask my sister and see what she thinks. I also did the giraffe, but then I hated it! So I took off all the paint and hopefully […]

Gift from Nana

My Nana has always been obsessed with cross stitching. She was always cross stitching every chance she got. She even taught me how to cross stitch. She hasn’t cross stitched in about a year now though – I guess she is finally done. I just came to my Nana’s to stay for a week for […]