Nana’s for my birthday

I’m leaving tomorrow to travel to my Nana’s (grandmother’s) house in Erie, PA for a week to celebrate my birthday! It’s always very relaxed there (we basically read, eat, watch tv, drink coffee, and just relax all day) so I’m planning on getting a lot of my current cross stitch – “Peace” by Birds of […]

Baby elephant

I made this baby elephant painting / mixed media tonight! I love how the colors turned out. I was worried about the blue, that it wouldn’t go with the pink, but then I added a little yellow to it (to make it more of a turquoise than just blue) and I think it came out […]

Little Bird

I did some experimenting this weekend! I decided to try something different. I combined two things I love – painting and needlework. I painted the sky and main branch, and I hand-sewed the bird and leaves out of quilting fabric! I hand-sewed the other branches and leaves right onto the canvas with white thread.

Macy’s painting – in progress

My niece, Macy, is going to be born soon! I’m working on some paintings for her room. My sister / her mom wanted some jungle animals on an animal print background. I got the backgrounds done so far – wow, they took me like over 3 hours to do! I got stencils for the backgrounds, […]

Three of a kind

I finished another painting – it’s three birds sitting together on a branch. I thought it would be neat to use almost every color of the rainbow. I used red, orange, and yellow for the birds, green for the tree leaves, and blue for the sky.

More birdies!

I just can’t get enough of birds :) I finished two new paintings tonight. For these two, I decided to get some inspiration from some previous paintings I had created. The first one is inspired by a painting that I made awhile back, but sold just recently, called Best Friends. It’s a white silhouette of two birds […]

Colored forest

I’ve had this concept in my head for like 3 weeks now, and I finally got a chance to get it on canvas. After painting Finally Found Our Place, I really liked the black tree with the colored leaves, so I decided to take the concept further. I wanted to do a painting that was […]

My lamp shade

I finally got nightstands for my bedroom, so I was really excited to get a little bedside lamp to put on my nightstand. I can finally read before going to bed without having to either (a) use a flashlight or (b) get out of bed when I’m ready to sleep! I looked all over for […]

Super Mario Bros. Birthday!

My nephew’s Super Mario Bros. birthday party turned out great! Luckily my sister gave me a ton of creative freedom to do basically whatever I wanted. So, I made the cake (my first fondant cake EVER) and I designed the party favors (candy bars)! It was SO much fun, especially because I LOVE Super Mario […]

Mario painting complete!

I finally finished my Mario painting for my nephew! I just did the final touches today – some coins, Bowser’s head on the castle, the bridge, the pink tree. Here are some pictures! (Above) The final painting (Above) World 1 Featuring Piranha plant, mushrooms, arrow sign, coins, and Goomba. (Above) World 2 and World 3 […]