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If you want to watch Black Mirror, don’t start with the first episode! It’s not a good representation of what the other episodes are like, and it might prematurely turn you off of the series. Here are the ones you should watch, in the order that you should watch them. S03 E04 – San Junipero […]

I love my town of Erie, PA! It just doesn’t get enough loving in my opinion. I was born in Erie, I grew up in Florida, and I also lived in California for almost 5 years. Then I moved back to Erie to stay for good :) Here are all of the things I LOVE […]

  I was listening to Craftcast, a crafty podcast, last week while working on an illustration project. Allison Arden, the girl being interviewed, mentioned that she was able to mail an orange via USPS – with no packaging at all. I couldn’t believe it. So I had to try it out for myself! So, I […]

Happy new year! I am so excited for 2013. Have you made any New Year’s resolutions? A lot of popular resolutions I hear of are sticking to so-and-so diet, sticking to a workout schedule, or getting rid of little annoying habits like biting nails. Really? Come on, people! Step it up a notch. Although if […]

Today is my 30th birthday! Wow, what a year it has been. So much has happened this past year! I illustrated my first children’s book! I participated in my first art festival (a small one :)). I traveled to Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland with friends. I adopted a sweet lovey-dovey 12 year old cat named […]

A year and a half ago, my dad passed away. Since then, I have realized that life is just too short to put off doing what you love (I always get sad when I remember that my dad never ended up retiring and doing woodwork), and that life is constantly changing. I’ve also learned the […]