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 If you’re creating your children’s book for KDP in Photoshop, then I recommend trying out artboards. Using artboards, you can see the whole layout of your children’s book all at once, and you can see spreads easier, too. Plus, exporting to PDF is really easy. But FYI, it may be a bit slow depending […]

One of the most common questions I get asked is how to fix the KDP Error of Minimum 72 Pages. The solution is super simple! You’re getting this error because you have the wrong paper type selected. While you’re editing the book details, just go to Paper Type, and choose Premium color interior with white […]

 I prefer scanning my canvas paintings over photographing, because I find that the quality turns out much better. With the method I use, you can scan some pretty large paintings! You can either watch my video above, or read the summary below! Where to Scan The best place that I’ve found to get my […]

I’ve gotten quite a few requests for personal zoom sessions related to uploading a kdp children’s book! So I decided to start offering it as a service. On the homepage of my website, you’ll see a link for Schedule Help Session. If you follow that link, you’ll get to a page where you can fill […]