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A lot of videos I’ve found with items you can sell online are more graphic design based, like templates and worksheets. So today I’m going to give you some ideas that are more tailored to you as an artist. SVGs These are vector art that can be scaled to any size. These are a really […]

 I prefer scanning my canvas paintings over photographing, because I find that the quality turns out much better. With the method I use, you can scan some pretty large paintings! You can either watch my video above, or read the summary below! Where to Scan The best place that I’ve found to get my […]

When I started making magnets, I tried many different ways to package them (in packs of 4). I had the following problems: Magnets would shift inside the packaging Magnets would stick to each other If I put two packs of magnets close to each other, they’d stick to each other & thus get shifted around […]