Preparing for my paintings at Willow Glen Coffee

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted, but that’s because I’ve been so busy! I got booked for the month of October, to have my paintings up in Willow Glen Coffee Roasting Company in San Jose!

The coffee shop is so cute. It’s very eclectic and colorful. Each chair is painted with a different design, and even the walls are different colors!

They promote a different artist each month. My month will be October! I’ll have my paintings up all month! In addition to having my paintings up, I’ll also be selling bookmarks and cards that I’ll have printed from my paintings.

So, I’ve been working hard on getting enough paintings made (I’m thinking like 30) so I haven’t posted much on my etsy site because I’m saving most of them for the coffee shop. And I’ve also been getting cards and bookmarks made! Despite the reviews I’ve read online, I’ve actually gotten great results from Overnight Prints so far, for my cards and bookmarks. Since they have such great prices, I’ll stick with them unless they start messing up my orders. :-P

Above: So far, I’ve made a card and two bookmarks. They came out great so I’m now working on more designs!
Above: My two bookmark designs, including front and back.
Above: My card design, front and back. The card is blank inside.

I’ll give more updates as I make more stuff! So excited for my first ever participation in any kind of art showing!

My portfolio

I started working on a portfolio – a real tangible portfolio (as opposed to an online portfolio) so that I can bring it with me if I want to try to get my art in stores, coffee shops, etc.

I got an album, photo corners, and colored paper from the scrapbooking section in Michael’s, and I got photographs of my paintings printed at Walgreen’s. They didn’t have any super interesting albums, so I got plain black. I went with 8 1/2 x 11″, because the bigger ones just seemed too big, and the smaller ones seemed too small.

I designed an 8×10 cover page, which is shown on the right, and on the left side you can see a little pocket I made for my business cards. (These business cards are little and square – I got them from Jak Prints)

Here’s a close-up of my business card pocket. I cut a square out of scrapbooking paper, and I cut a slightly larger square out of an extra clear album page that I had. Then I sewed the two together (I do not trust glue with smooth plastic) and I glued and taped the final pocket to the inside cover of the book.

Here are some sample inside pages:

By the way – I think using the photo corners is a really good idea, because I found that sometimes the picture I had wouldn’t be cropped right, but I would be like “I can just put this in now, and swap it out later when I get a better version of the picture”. So I highly recommend photo corners. :D

Google Chrome nail art

We started a tradition on my team at work – every Thursday is Nail Polish Thursday, and the girls do their nails. One guy on my team, Scott, kindly allowed me to do whatever I wanted to his toenails! So, I painted them Google Chrome themed!

I didn’t use any special brush or anything for the Chrome logo. I just put very little paint on the nail polish brush, and I just dabbed it on in place (rather than brush it). It was actually much easier than I expected!

A furry friendship

I got this idea in my head of a bunch of woodland creatures standing on top of each other in the forest. I came home from work, ate some dinner, and then started painting at 7pm. I painted non-stop until 12:30am and this is the result. Four woodland creature friends – a red fox, a blue owl, a grey bunny, and a brown squirrel – all standing on top of each other to make a tower.

These creatures have such a strong friendship. They stand on each other and they lift each other up. They are always there for each other. And if one of them loses balance, the others will compensate. It’s pretty much the best friendship ever :D

Can’t wait until this weekend, when I can take some better pictures outside in the sunlight, and then post this on etsy! I hope it ends up in a kids room – I think it would be sooo cute there.

Macy’s paintings

I finished baby Macy’s paintings today! I’m so excited because this means they’ll be over to my sister’s house on the other side of the continent in time for Macy’s grand entrance into the world :)

By the way, it’s kind of hard to tell in the picture because the table is so dark, but I painted chocolate brown around the edges because Macy’s colors are pink and chocolate brown.

You can click on any image to enlarge it :D



Macy’s elephant

I finished Macy’s elephant tonight! Looking at the picture now, I don’t know if it looks too simple, like if I should add some stuff… but I will ask my sister and see what she thinks.

I also did the giraffe, but then I hated it! So I took off all the paint and hopefully I can still salvage what’s left of the background, and try again later…

Macy’s painting update & cross stitch update

So I got back to CA Friday night around midnight. My first priority coming home was to work on Macy’s paintings, because she’s due really soon now!

I sketched out the animals on paper first, and then I painted the initial shapes of the animals in white. That way, when I paint the animals in color, the pattern won’t show through (because the white paint is so thick).

Also, I got really far on my cross stitch while I was at Nana’s! I even cross stitched on the plane ride back! Here’s how far I got:

Cross stitch tip: How to cross stitch faster

I learned a new tip from my Nana – a way to cross stitch faster!

Usually, I cross stitch like this:

Push needle through from front…

Push needle through from back…
Well, you can actually do it all in one step! Here’s the trick that Nana taught me:
You never even have to mess with the back!
However, take note that the stitches actually end up to be not as tight as when you do it the long way… but, maybe it’s possible to work on that and still have nice, tight stitches.
And now, I’d like to just share some of my favorite work by my Nana! Here are a few things she has hanging around her house:

She has this hanging in the little shed that leads into her house

This is in her living room. As you can see, she also made quilts a lot!

This one is awesome! It’s the whole length of her couch! This is Rainbow Row.

A cute little house… hanging in her bedroom.