Gift from Nana

My Nana has always been obsessed with cross stitching. She was always cross stitching every chance she got. She even taught me how to cross stitch. She hasn’t cross stitched in about a year now though – I guess she is finally done.

I just came to my Nana’s to stay for a week for my birthday. Before I came, I was talking to her on the phone and telling her there were a few colors of thread I couldn’t find for the cross stitch I’m working on. She was like “I have a lot of thread here – I might have the colors you need.” I just thought “She probably doesn’t have it, but I’ll look anyways.”

Then when I got to my Nana’s she showed me her collection. Holy COW! She has basically every color ever known to mankind. It was insane! And even better, she handed them down to me! So now they are mine!! She is definitely the sweetest grandmother that ever lived!

Above: This is every color of thread known to mankind.
Needless to say, I found the colors I needed :)

Three of a Kind featured in a treasury on Etsy!

I was so excited today to find out that one of my paintings, Three of a Kind, was featured in a treasury on Etsy!

In case you don’t know what a treasury is, it’s a hand-picked list of items (16 items max) that all have something in common. The treasury that my painting was featured in is called “Picture Perfect” and consists only of paintings.

Thanks to Jill who handpicked my painting to be in this treasury! Her etsy shop is sawitforyou. She has a really cute shop where she sells handmade wooden crafts, super cute and country looking. Actually she first heard about my shop because I favorited her shop because her stuff was so cute! :-P

Nana’s for my birthday

I’m leaving tomorrow to travel to my Nana’s (grandmother’s) house in Erie, PA for a week to celebrate my birthday!

It’s always very relaxed there (we basically read, eat, watch tv, drink coffee, and just relax all day) so I’m planning on getting a lot of my current cross stitch – “Peace” by Birds of a Feather – done during the week I’m there. I actually got the pattern for this cross stitch from Nana. She got the pattern awhile ago and never used it, so she gave it to me. I just started it very recently. Here’s where I’m at so far:

Let’s see how far I get in a week! It will be really cool if I can finish the whole thing :D

Baby elephant

I made this baby elephant painting / mixed media tonight! I love how the colors turned out. I was worried about the blue, that it wouldn’t go with the pink, but then I added a little yellow to it (to make it more of a turquoise than just blue) and I think it came out perfect. Also, this time I used quilt batting behind the fabric so that it’s kind of 3d and soft. I think it would be perfect for a little girl’s room!

Little Bird

I did some experimenting this weekend! I decided to try something different. I combined two things I love – painting and needlework. I painted the sky and main branch, and I hand-sewed the bird and leaves out of quilting fabric! I hand-sewed the other branches and leaves right onto the canvas with white thread.

Macy’s painting – in progress

My niece, Macy, is going to be born soon! I’m working on some paintings for her room. My sister / her mom wanted some jungle animals on an animal print background. I got the backgrounds done so far – wow, they took me like over 3 hours to do!

I got stencils for the backgrounds, but the stencils were really small. If I only used the stencils, then I would have had major repeating and it would have look too contrived. So, I did portions of it with the stencil, and then I filled in the rest with shapes that I painted by hand. Hopefully it looks “random” enough!

Here’s an example:

Before (You can see the columns of animal print. Actually I had already started filling in the left side, which you can see is all filled in. But the rest is just columns of animal print)…

After (I filed in the rest of the print by hand):
And here are all 3 of the finished backgrounds (the swatches on the left are the fabric swatches for the bedding, and the paint color for the room):

Now I just have to paint the animals on! I might do 3 monkeys, or a monkey and two other kinds of animals.

Three of a kind

I finished another painting – it’s three birds sitting together on a branch. I thought it would be neat to use almost every color of the rainbow. I used red, orange, and yellow for the birds, green for the tree leaves, and blue for the sky.

More birdies!

I just can’t get enough of birds :)

I finished two new paintings tonight. For these two, I decided to get some inspiration from some previous paintings I had created.

The first one is inspired by a painting that I made awhile back, but sold just recently, called Best Friends. It’s a white silhouette of two birds in a storm. The painting I made tonight is the two best friends, but it’s right before the storm. The sky looks strange colors, and they know a storm is coming. So, they’re sticking together, because they know that as long as they’re together, they’ll be safe.

I was going to do them as white silhouettes like with the first painting, but as I started painting the outlines, I thought the outlines actually looked pretty cool! So I decided to just keep it like that instead!
The second painting is inspired by one I created recently and it sold within like a day of posting it. It’s also my favorite painting of all the paintings I’ve had on my Etsy site. It’s called Finally Found Our Place. Although I was thrilled that it sold so quickly, it was also my favorite so I miss it. So I decided to create another one very similar, and here it is.

Colored forest

I’ve had this concept in my head for like 3 weeks now, and I finally got a chance to get it on canvas. After painting Finally Found Our Place, I really liked the black tree with the colored leaves, so I decided to take the concept further. I wanted to do a painting that was about a completely black forest with colored leaves on all the trees.

It’s kind of like the saying “Don’t miss the forest for the trees” – only this is more like “Don’t miss the leaves for the trees”. No matter how dark and dreary any forest is, there are always some beautiful colored leaves somewhere in the forest. So this painting is about not getting caught up in the negative, and instead looking to the good things, no matter how small.
I posted it on my etsy, but sometimes this stuff sells so fast I don’t even get a chance to enjoy it. So I jacked up the price so I can enjoy this painting for a little while! I have it hanging above my bed :)

My lamp shade

I finally got nightstands for my bedroom, so I was really excited to get a little bedside lamp to put on my nightstand. I can finally read before going to bed without having to either (a) use a flashlight or (b) get out of bed when I’m ready to sleep!

I looked all over for a cute lampshade, but I couldn’t find one anywhere! Apparently no one makes any cute lampshades. They’re all so plain. So (of course :)) I decided to make my own. I found some super cute fabric and ribbon at JoAnn’s. And although covering a lampshade with fabric and ribbon probably sounds really easy, it’s actually quite challenging. Since the lampshade is tapered, it’s really hard to fit the ribbon around the edges. I wish they made tapered ribbon!

After two attempts it finally looks okay, but still not perfect. But still a million times better than a plain old boring one-color lampshade. :)