Friendship Forest Chalk Art

logo-celebrate-erieFor the 2014 Celebrate Erie Chalk Walk, my sponsor was Giant Eagle. I had the freedom of drawing anything I wanted, so I chose to do an assortment of forest animals. My piece is titled “Summer in Friendship Forest.”

This was my first time ever drawing with chalk on the street, so it was quite a learning experience! In total, this piece took me 14 hours to complete. For the background, I mixed Mop ‘n Glo with blue chalk dust to make paint, and I painted it on. I hand-chalked all of the animals and leaves. For the small details like eyes, noses, and mouths, I mixed chalk dust with Mop ‘n Glo and painted them on with a small brush.

The mural is sealed with Mop ‘n Glo so that it will last through any kind of weather for about a month.