Chalkboard Menu

During January of 2018, I was commissioned to redo the chalkboard menu for New York Lunch on East Ave. The goal was to give the menu more of a “fun” vibe, and to make it fit better, and feel more organized.

The space for the main menu was very short and wide. The header was centered at the top of the menu, taking up space that could be used for menu items, and also breaking up the sandwiches into separate spaces. So, my biggest layout change here was to move the header all the way to the left of the menu, so that the rest could fit seamlessly.

I really enjoyed designing a fun layout for Milkshake of the Month. For this layout, the client wanted a space to be reserved for writing in the Milkshake of the Month, making it easy to change. My final design was a milkshake with a ribbon flowing around it with the Milkshake of the Month header.

I used the extra space in the area above the hood (where the cooks do their frying), to include smaller menus like their Chili and Greek Sauces To-Go, Wings, and Specials. I also designed a welcome emblem on the hood near the entrance. I added a bit of nostalgia with the text, “An Erie tradition since 1927.”

Overall this was such a fun project! I absolutely love lettering, so I enjoyed every minute of it. And, I was very happy to work at such an great place – everyone from the owners to the workers were super friendly, and the food is amazing!