East Side Burgs ‘n Dogs

For the 2018 ChalkWalk, my sponsor was New York Lunch East (East Avenue, Erie, PA). I was super excited to work with them because I just love their food! I worked with Gus, the restaurant owner, on the concept. He wanted something reminiscent of “the old East Side”, as well as something to spark excitement about the unique homemade food they have at the restaurant. The design I came up with featured their famous Greek dog, burg, and yeero, along with their yummy french fries. Along the bottom, I drew a “chalkboard-style” black and white version of the old East Ave layout. (Note that some of the buildings weren’t exactly next to each other as they are in the drawing, they were across the street – but he wanted them all to be featured in the illustration) This neighborhood artwork can also be seen on the chalk murals I created inside the restaurant.