Inspirational Chalk Art

logo-expiviaExpivia, a local marketing agency in Erie, PA, hired me to create a chalk art mural for their office. They wanted the mural to portray the fun, quirky atmosphere of the company, while also displaying a motivational phrase for employees.

Tom, the owner, was so proud of the old, beat-up chalkboard he bought for $5. As you can see, there are a LOT of imperfections in the chalkboard. On one hand that made it difficult to draw on; on the other hand, it definitely gives the chalkboard a lot of character!

The streets in the mural are a play on how they’ve organized their office – they have their cubicles named as the 4 different streets you see in the mural. The sunburst adds an array of cheerful colors to the mural that contrast well against the stark black of the chalkboard.