Coffee Bag Design

In August of 2018, I did a custom illustration and graphic design for Happy Mug Coffee’s coffee bags. I drew out the coffee process from the farmer picking the beans all the way to the final scene of the customer drinking a mug of coffee. I also did all of the layout design for the rest of the bag. I created a “falling beans” design as a subtle background to be applied with a spot-gloss treatment, and I put Happy Mug’s iconic “many mugs” design on the left and right sides of the bag. (Note that I didn’t illustrate the many mugs – those were created before my relationship with Happy Mug started)

I also created some word art for the bottom of the bag using their motto, “Make your mug happy.”

I did all of the layout in Adobe Illustrator using the template from the printer. Overall it was an amazing project and so much fun to see my design come to life!