A to Z – Nature and Me Coloring Book

This is an ongoing project consisting of many nature illustrations for the I Am a Planet Kid project. I Am a Planet Kid, run by Diane Esser, aims to get kids more involved with environmental care & preservation. The first illustration I did for this project is illustrating and redesigning the cover of the A-Z coloring book, Nature & Me. I used the original squirrel mascot (after cleaning it up and making it more aesthetically pleasing) and added a colorful tree and many special forest critters. The goal of this cover is to attract the attention of kids, and with the vibrant colors and fun animals, it does just that.

Next I redesigned & illustrated all of the inside pages. I broke up the layout a bit, & added a “Sherwin Says” box to make smaller chunks of text. I also made the design and fonts consistent across all pages.

I also illustrated a new Watershed page which shows how a watershed works, and I designed bookmarks and business cards for Diane to hand out at her events. The result is more professional looking, yet still whimsical, handouts and business collateral.