Reading Education Nook

In June 2019, I created a mural in a reading education nook for Mrs. Buschman, the Reading Specialist at Erie Rise Leadership Academy. Mrs. Buschman requested forest animals reading under a tree, so I did just that. I took advantage of the corner for placement of the tree, and also continued the grass all along the wall as it tapered down due to the slanted ceiling.

I noticed that the back wall, as well as the baseboard trim, was dark wood, which made the area seem dark. With my client’s ok, I painted the back wall blue to match the sky color, and I brightened up all of the baseboard trim by painting it white. I think it made a wonderful difference!

I sealed the mural with Minwax Polycrylic to protect it from typical daily wear and tear. After the completion of the mural, Mrs. Buschman decorated the room with adorable forest-themed items – my favorite being the wood slice, leaf, and cloud pillows!