Reading in the Park Mural

logo-salvationarmy logo-uw-reading-buddiesDuring the Summer of 2015, I was commissioned to do a reading nook mural in the Salvation Army community center on¬†Liberty and 11th. This is similar to my previous reading nook mural, in that it was also a collaboration with the Junior League of Erie and United Way Erie. However, the theme was more in line with the feel of United Way’s Reading Buddies program.

For this mural, I did a “Reading in the Park” theme. I included animals scattered around the trees in the park, reading cute, clever books. For some extra whimsy, I did the treetops in green swirls and included flowers of many different colors all along the ground. I also included the Reading Buddies’ mascot, two purple owls reading a book together, in a hole in one of the trees. In addition, a bird flying a banner with the Reading Buddies tagline, “Read More”, can be seen above one of the windows.