Painting Classes

I teach painting on canvas classes at Claytopia in Erie, PA. Each class goes from 6-8pm and is focused on a particular painting. After the 2 hours you will have a painting ready to take home. Classes are fun, laid-back, and completely step-by-step :)


My Canvas Class Schedule

Summer Dolphin

Date & Time: Wed Aug 11, 6-8pm
Canvas: 11×14″ Canvas, $25 per painter

Come paint this cute and colorful dolphin with me! This is the perfect painting for summer, and great for both kids and adults alike. The artwork will be broken down into basic shapes so it’s great for all skill levels. Glitter will be available to add to the painting at the end of class.

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Flower Bunny

Date & Time: Mon Aug 23, 6-8pm
Canvas: 11×14″ Canvas, $30 per painter

When you create this Flower Bunny painting, you’ll be making an adorable masterpiece as well as helping out so many bunnies that need homes! Proceeds from this class will benefit EARS Rabbit Rescue, which receives no public funding and relies solely on fundraising to keep it going. I am a regular volunteer for EARS and I have my own bunny at home, so this issue is very near and dear to my heart!

Proceeds benefit EARS Rabbit Rescue

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Youtube Canvas Classes

I’m now offering free pre-recorded canvas classes on my YouTube channel! Grab your canvas and paints, and follow along with me!