Miniature Acrylic Paintings

logo-artomatSince 2012, I’ve been creating miniature woodland-animal themed acrylic paintings for Artomat. Artomat is an organization that takes old cigarette machines and converts them into art vending machines. They have over 100 machines located all over the US – in art galleries, museums, libraries, schools, and shops (there’s even one in the Erie Art Museum!). The art in the machines usually costs $5.

This is such a fun project because I get to create tiny versions of my art! I always paint on miniature canvases – sometimes 2″x3″ canvases, and sometimes 2″x2″ flat panel canvases. I also like to slip in little extras, like stickers and mini coloring pages! To learn more about Artomat and to see if there’s one in your area, you can visit